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About me


My name is Tamás Tóth, also known as “Sylon”, I was born on April 19, 1990 in Komárom.

I completed my primary school studies in Gúta and then graduated from the Secondary Technical School in Komárom. I graduated from Selye János University with a degree in English Informatics (BC.)

My passion for photography began as a child. I have mastered the technical ins and outs of digital photography in a self-taught way, but one of my plans is to further my knowledge.

It has been slowly for 10 years now that I have been photographing with a digital SLR machine.

I have already had several exhibitions in Gúta, in the Limes Gallery in Komárom, in the Sméja Gallery of the Béla Bartók Cultural House in Ács and other places.

I mostly capture wildlife and nature with my camera, but my favorite genres include event and landscape photography,

thus I also capture the wildly romantic landscapes of my homeland, Csallóköz.

Most of the time I go to the area by bicycle to get a lens on the peculiarities and characteristic fauna of the area.

My favorite topics include waterfront sites, aquatic animals, and birds.

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